A first in Savary skimboarding…

On a fine spring day a close personal friend surprised me with a gift. Mike, owner and operator of the Savary Island Resort and Forestry Engineer gave me a stack of rough sawn locally grown Red Cedar. The challenge now was to take this material and create the very first skimboard that was grown and made on island. This unexpected gift shut down the skim shack to all other projects and all efforts were focused on the task at hand. With guidance from my friend and Cabinetmaker Rogan, the project began. Fueled by Vitamin P and blind luck the skim shack put out its first skimboard made completely from rough lumber. The “Homegrown” was born.

It consists of 3 plys made up from a total of 14 pieces both vertically and horizontally laminated together to make a board which totals 5/8″ thick. A Kevlar bottom ensures this will be around for some time to come and graphics were kept simple to highlight the figure and grain of the wood. The directional surf inspired “Rocket” shape is a Felch original. This board is in its element slashing high up on a steep bank and at the same time has no problems getting airborne.




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