Early Season Session…

Alright everyone the time has come to get down to the nitty gritty. This update has no new boards, no impromptu concerts reviews, no teaser pics, just pure unadulterated skimming.  This session was an early season session where Felcho and Emo laid down some lines to set the bar for all other sessions to follow. Enjoy a break from the winter monotony.

Who: Felcho and Emo

What: Early season skim session

Where: Skim-Pool on South Beach

When: June 18th 2011

Why: Do I really need to answer this?

Solid pop-shove it from Emo.

Felcho’s just cruisin.

One footer on the bank.

Keeping it on the DL.

Yup that’s right.

Action shot.

More cheers more beers, that’s it that’s all.



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