The Infamous Bail…

While it is a common occurrence in the life of a skimboarder; few take the time to truly appreciate the effort that goes into a legitimate bail. This here is the dark-side of skimboarding rarely featured in the limelight. Bails are the byproduct of the work done to bring ones game to the next level. As a person progresses bails occur less frequently, yet when one does happen you can count on it being a gooder.


Here is the collections of bail shots collected from a summers worth of skim photography.


Looks like Felcho got a little too friendly with the bank. Special attention must be given to how far behind him the board stuck. I don’t think he was going all that fast. 😉

Steve-O has been known to crunch himself in spectacular form. When he rides you can be assured that if he goes down it’s not from a lack of skill but from a drive that pushes his limits to reaches unknown. Steve-O only brings one game; his A-game.

Peace out ya’ll.




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