The Collaboration Imagination Station…

Under VERY special circumstances I open up my workshop to collaborate with a close friend and build a skimboard; sharing the experience and giving the person an opportunity to be involved in the building process. This doesn’t happen very often because the privileged one is privy to my most closely guarded secrets and I need to be sure they wont spill the beans. It’s kinda like when Willy Wonka let all those kids into his chocolate factory, but sadly without the Oompa Loompas (I’m still working on the import papers to get those little guys over here). This brings us to summer 2011. My buddy Emo, found himself living in skimboard paradise without a whip to rip. Someone lost his board, but lets not focus on that right now. After many sessions with Emo borrowing boards from my quiver, we finally got our acts together and made him a masterpiece of his own.

Introducing “Easy E”:

Here she is in all her glory; post paint and pre-gloss coat. The artwork was designed by Emo. He enlisted help from local artist Charbotski to paint the script work and Emo painted the island outlines. The shape is an “Emo Original” that is based on the proven Kayotics shape. Changes were made giving it symmetry from front to rear and it was narrowed from side to side. All in all this board will take you to outer space, if you are brave enough to pop it that hard. It will also butter up the greasiest of banks without flinching.

The man signing his work.

She looks so nice in her virgin form. This shot was taken moments before he waxed her up in preparation for the debut ride.

All waxed up and ready to shreddy. Complete with the Skimpool in the background and a bonfire in the foreground. SOLID!

Peace out and Seasons Greetings.



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  1. emo December 20, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    no doubt the sickest post to date 😉

  2. Amanda Cochran February 8, 2012 at 11:32 pm #

    OMG you guys are fabulous. Nick I am blown away by your website! Truly fabulous! Axo

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