Fattest Session of Twenty-Eleven…

As 2011 draws to a close the notion of making resolutions to better ones self are thrust upon us. Personally, I disagree with this practice. What is the point of making phony unachievable goals on an arbitrary day? Therefor I propose an alternative solution to finish out the year; reflection on the highlights that made the year memorable. My answer to this dilemma is to feature the largest and possibly best skimboard session of the summer. Welcome to the fattest session of twenty-eleven.

Who: Archie, Allie, Emo, Felcho, Maddie B, Steve-O, Chrissy The Mangler, Seanny, Maximus Prime, Shank Da Tank, Willy Skims, Craig, Liam and Typhoon Tebbs (I’m sure there’s more but this is all I can remember from my pics)

What: Canada Day Skim Jam

Where: The Skim Pool

When: July 2nd 2011

Why: If you have to ask then please leave now

 Heads up! Steve-O’s rolling through the shallows at about mach 100. Full throttle or no throttle at all.

Shank Da Tank took some much earned time away from the “Prop N Dope” detail to show that he still has the skills to pay the bills.

Willy Skims mid-swing in a pop shove it. He gave lessons to everyone on how to ride a pillow-top skimboard.

Chrissy “The Mangler” just cruisin. No big deal.

Maddie B’s flirting with that bank. By the end of the day enough water had washed over the bank to create an upper line.

Seanny tossing his new whip around like he’s been on it for years. Just wait until he gets used to it.

Maximus Prime doesn’t even need to look where he’s going.

Emo’s getting greasy on that bank. By the end of the session the bank was steep and aggressive.

Tweaked the board just enough to see the big “K” cut into the top. Perfect product placement Willy.

Archie showed up to throw down some surf inspired carves and slashes across the pool.

Allie showed that you can’t teach style. You either have it or you wish you had it. FACT!

Long legs help Steve-O jump high enough to bring his board to outer space. Does this make him an alien?

Felcho’s gotta get down before he gets up. Taking “Easy E” out for a few test tosses. I think it passes quality control. Don’t you?

The man on his own board. I told you “Easy E” has pop.

There you have it people; highlights from the Canada Day Skim Jam. The coolest moments are never caught on film, but I hope this points you in the right direction to what was going down on South Beach. Here’s looking forward to a great 2012 filled with many sunny days on the beach. Happy New Years everybody.



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