Skimboard for a cause…

Savary Stock is the biennial celebration organized by the Savary Island Land Trust Society to raise money for the trust’s efforts and educate the masses about island stewardship. Included within the celebration are: local musical performances throughout the day, BBQ’s grilling up delicious treats, beer and wine gardens serving locally crafted beverages, kids activities and an auction featuring goods and services from local artists and craftsmen alike. The event poster was spread around the island to inform and excite all who read it.

Here’s a look at ground zero. Local resident P. Leighton generously offered up his property for everyone to enjoy.

At 2pm the music shut down to give way for the much anticipated auction. What can one expect to find at such an auction? Everything from paintings created by local artists, goods and services from local craftsmen, gourmet dinners from local chefs and perhaps even a custom crafted Felch skimboard. Yeah that’s right, this is the third time that I have donated a skimboard to support the cause in which I support wholeheartedly. Without further ado here is the board:

Inspired by the classic sailor styled anchor tattoo, I created my own version which commemorates the island in which we all love. Everything was hand painted except for the anchor which is made from gold leaf. While this board may be destined for life on the wall, do not worry this it contains all of my personal touches to make it a legitimate beach assassin in the shallows. Gotta grab a pic with my baby before she moves to her new home.

To say that this board created a frenzy would be an understatement. Out of the gate it was apparent that many people had their eye on the board and were hoping to make it their own. Once the dust settled, there remained three heavy hitters all determined to leave with the prize. Among those bidding was the guy who bought the very first board I made for Savary Stock. Satisfied customer? I think so. Yet he would not be victorious on that day.

Terron, the lucky winner also happens to be a good friend of mine. Terron is no stranger to my past auction pieces and decided on this day he would be the owner of the only board Felch Skimboards made available to the public in 2011. The strike of the gavel ended the auction and created many happy faces. Terron and his oldest son Jackson (pictured above with me moments after the sale) were ecstatic to have won this beautiful piece, I was blown away from the reception that my board received as the highest grossing item in the auction and SILT was overjoyed to have earned 2300 dollars for their charity. All in all Savary Stock 2011 was a complete success. Records were set across the board for monies raised by the event and it was shown without a shadow of a doubt that the public still cares about preserving the natural beauty of the island.




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