Post Stock Session…

After a very successful and entertaining Savary Stock, business had to be taken care of on the beach. I mean what good is building boards without the research and development to back them up? Further motivation to get out and skim in a semi-impaired state came from the presence of a friend to ride with. Rogasm made to trek up from the big city to share in the festivities and I wasn’t about to let him go home without skimming; that’s just plain wrong. Without further ado, here’s the highlights from our session.

Who: Rogasm and Felcho

What: Post Savary Stock Session

Where: The Skim Pool

When: August 7th 2011

Why: The voices in our head told us to


Hitting the bank at mach 100

Pop shove what? Shove it. That’s right!

Busting out and pushing a large trough.

Skimburger with cheese? Yes please.

Couldn’t ask for a nicer day to cap off Rogasm’s summer of skimming on the island. Even during the peak of summer it is possible to find the most popular beaches empty and the sun shining.

Peace out ya’ll. See you next week.



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