Kickin it “Old Style”…

As a thank you for his continued help throughout my skimboard building career, it was finally time to build Rogasm a board of his own. A skilled cabinet maker by trade; Rogasm’s wealth of knowledge regarding all things wood has helped me many times. He’s the one I call when I come up with another harebrained idea on how to make a new skimboard and he tells me whether or not what I want to do will work and how I might go about attempting to make it a reality. This Project was started quite some time ago and through the consequences of life has taken much longer to finish than necessary. Nevertheless it is now finished and being put to good use. Introducing “Old Style”:

Inspired by the classic “Skate” shape this board is symmetrical from tip to tail. It’s covered with a cherry veneer top that has been stressed and aged for added effect. Centered on this beauty is a real “Old Style” bottle cap that has been inset into the board. REPRESENT!!! For a little added flare I decided to throw down some lettering on the board prior to finishing.

Pil can: Check

Pil hat: Check

Pil board: CHECK

All waxed up and ready to shreddy. This picture was taken moments prior to the very first ride. Needless to say many Pils were consumed during this afternoon. The learning curve of the board was a little steeper than anticipated, yet all signs from the first session point towards a home run. Props on the dirty duster as well.





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