Magic Carpet Ride…

One of the highlights of the past season’s skimboarding was the appearance of a celebrity of sorts at the Skim Pool. It made for a heated session when none other but Alladin (Star of the Disney movies) came to throw down. The proof’s in the pudding: one large pop shove it. Gotta say that magic carpet has pop. It’s like it can fly or something.

All in all, the surprise appearance made for an awesome session and a very memorable beach day. Not only did he come fully suited up and ready to roll but he brought along with him his whole posse. I mean come on;  Princess Jasmine is a fox. HELLO!!!  The genie turned out to be a bit of a handful, he was kettling beer out of that lamp like there was no tomorrow. Jafar  used his snake staff to own all who challenged him at beach golf. And Abu the monkey could toss the disc like no other.  I’m still not sure how Alladin managed to have his Skim-ladden name float around him around all day. That was pretty cool. Needless to say all who were there are still a little start struck at this impromptu appearance.




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