Swing and a Miss…

The Felchionary “Definitions for all your skimming needs”


Swing and a miss:

Don’t try and tell yourself this has never happened to you. I’ve done it before. I’m not proud of it, but I’ve done it. Still not following? Let’s paint a picture to set the scene: Your standing in the lineup waiting to toss your board. Your turn comes up. After a toss of the board, you’re off. Chasing it down with all your effort. Moments before you make that leap of faith a thought comes into your mind: how sick would this pool be if it were full of piranhas? (Please insert your own thought to make the situation applicable to yourself) This thought is so compelling at that moment in time that it consumes your everything. When the thought passes and you realize it is not your current reality, what are you left with? Well that’s a “swing and a miss.” During that little brain fart you managed to completely forget about what you were doing and ran straight past your board without jumping onto it. A very comical and entertaining situation for all who are watching, yet not so much if it just happened to you.


Here we have a classic example of a “swing and a miss” from Archie. The tell tale signs are in the patterns of the water splashes and the big grin on his face when he realized what just happened. You can clearly see that that board was not ridden as there is little to no wake coming off the rear end. There there Archie, it’s alright. 🙂



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