A skim to remember…

Who: Rogasm and Felcho

What: Remembrance Session

Where: South Beach

When: November 11th and 13th 2011

Why: Had the itch that you just can’t scratch


Day 1:

This past Remembrance Day found Rogasm and myself Savary bound on a skim mission. The debut of “Old Style” was top priority on our agenda. Determined to skim, we set out north. Our travels were hindered by high volumes at the ferry terminal which forced us to spend the night at Earls Cove. Luckily we had an ample supply of Vitamin P and the luxury of Fritz the van to ease this minor speed bump.

Day 2:

Up at the crack of dawn and Lundward bound we were greeted with blue skies and calm waters for our crossing. Not wanting to waste this precious window of opportunity all focus was put to South Beach. This day was a beauty. No action shots were had as it was all about the ride. This may have been our only opportunity so we chose to not waste a moment behind the lens. Yet here’s some proof that we were there.

Gorgeous enough to be summer, yet cold enough to numb your feet in no time.

The Winds of Savary and Old Style all waxed up and ready to shreddy. Old style is still a virgin; moments before that cherry was popped.

Day 3:

A change in the weather and a surprise show from the Dirty White Boys severely hindered our ability to skim the next day. But it was totally worth it. The DWB shook the resort and put on an epic show for all who were there.

Day 4:

With the weather calming we took this opportunity to hit the beach. Day 4 proved to be far more productive for Rogasm on his new ride. The learning curve on Old Style was a little steeper than anticipated; but once you learn how to treat a girl she tends to reciprocate. 😉 The proof is in the pudding. Check it out:

Glare was not an issue on this day.  A solid grey backdrop set the tone for a heated session, despite the frigid waters.

Rash guards were essential on this day

Now we’re getting the hang of it

Third session on my new ride seems to be going ok. Don’t you think?

Solid, I must say

All in all it was a skim to remember. A brand new board was unveiled and multiple sessions were had. It’s times like these that really make you appreciate the 30 degree days sweating on the beach. Yet these are the sessions that define a true skimboarder from a recreational rider. Keep holding on everybody, with the second day of spring officially in the books all signs point to awesome for the future. Summer is a coming.



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  1. crocohonklestein March 22, 2012 at 8:45 am #

    who’s rogasm?

  2. Steveo March 22, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    FYI, Rogasm is a living legend, a skim god sent from heaven to melt panties and rip pools and lines apart.

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