New skimboard, first wax… Very excited.

In my opinion a skimboard is not truly a skimboard until it’s been waxed and ridden. There exists a brief period of time between purchase or completion of a skimboard and the first ride. During this time I feel that a skimboard is nothing more than a piece of bent wood that has the potential to become a piece of art, a skimboard or something else that it was not intended to become. The action that gets the ball rolling down the slippery slope to awesomeness is the first wax application. An often overlooked and under appreciated ceremony in normal occurrence; I try to make it into a more celebrated and exciting occasion. Here are the first wax moments I was able to capture during the 2011 season. Enjoy.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb yo!!!

And now it all begins.

Gotta love the look on Emo’s face in this one.

Why so glum chum?

Last session of the summer + beautiful day on the beach + new skimboard + wicked stache = WINNING

Kicking it Old Style

And a here we go. Rogasm, are you ready for this new board or what?


The most enjoyable part of these photos is looking back at them after having used the board for some time. One thing is for sure, they never look more pristine than the moment before that wax graces the board and begins the metamorphosis into a REAL skimboard.


Skim on one and all and enjoy the whole process, not just the time at the beach.






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