6 feet under…

The Felchionary “Definitions for all your skimming needs”


The Coffin:

Some of the most impressive moves done on a skimboard are accomplished without the board ever leaving the water. One major misconception about good skimboarding tricks is that the board must pop out of the water or spin under your feet. The physical nature of the beast caters skimboarding more towards style and less towards technical difficulty. Often times I find myself more impressed by someone taking the thinnest line on the beach as opposed to popping a large shove it. “The Coffin” is a prime example of fusing creativity with style to make a visually appealing trick.

Once you land on the board you must quickly adjust your stance to mimic a stiff being buried. Hence the name. Not only does it look bad ass, it’s harder to pull off than you may think. Next time you find yourself on the beach why not try adding a little bit of old school style in to your skimming. You and your peers will appreciate this new dimension. Peace out.




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