SKIM Pool R.I.P….

With the coming skim season fast approaching, I think it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect at the season past and think about how lucky we were to have the Skim Pool. It’s not every summer that a prime Skim Pool happens to be present high up on the tide line. The last time a skim pool was present was during the 2008 season. The Third Eye Pool was only around for a few short weeks and then was filled in by a south easter storm that hit the island.

This photo was take relatively early in the season. As you can see the perimeter of the pool has yet to be shaped and no distinctive line has been formed. There’s not even a bank yet!

Tireless work from the summer locals transformed the pool from a mere lake into a high performance skim spot. Regardless of the position of the tide, the pool was present and once the tide flooded into the pool the beach was pretty much non-skimmable. All of this resulted in a perfect skim spot that was ALWAYS ready to be sessioned. The sand in the pool was clean and free of shells and rocks. Yet the pool still had it’s own set of dangers to be aware of. 2 secret rocks (who’s position were only known to the locals) as well as the monster rock in the middle kept things interesting. Many boards fell victim to these dangers.

There are a few unanswered questions I have about the Skim Pool though: How many times was the pool skimmed this summer? Personally, I can’t even begin to think how many times I tossed wood in that pool. I also think it would be interesting to figure out: How many kilometers were ridden in the pool over the course of 4 months? I’ve crunched some hypothetical number to these questions and all the outcomes are mind blowing.

With every upside there is also a downside. With such a perfect spot at our disposal, the amount of shoreline skimming on South Beach was significantly reduced in the 2011 season. With good reason of course. This perfect spot also made for less skim traffic at other spots. People got soo comfortable with the perfectly sculpted lines of the skim pool that there was no need to venture out. Lets not forget about the other spots. 5 run combos that kill “The Bar” are an essential part of every skimmers diet. Mexico beach, Manson’s Pool, The Finger, Skim Island, Sutherland Stairs and Wharf Beach are all viable spots to hit as well (when the tide allows). All in all the pool made for a solid summer of skimming. Here’s hoping for a revival of the pool for all rippers to enjoy for next season.



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  1. Maurice April 18, 2012 at 5:23 am #

    Here’s hoping for a new, bad ass skim pool way down the other end of the beach. Just sayin.

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