New skimboard, first wax… Very excited.

In my opinion a skimboard is not truly a skimboard until it’s been waxed and ridden. There exists a brief period of time between purchase or completion of a skimboard and the first ride. During this time I feel that a skimboard is nothing more than a piece of bent wood that has the potential […]


Kickin it “Old Style”…

As a thank you for his continued help throughout my skimboard building career, it was finally time to build Rogasm a board of his own. A skilled cabinet maker by trade; Rogasm’s wealth of knowledge regarding all things wood has helped me many times. He’s the one I call when I come up with another […]


Skimboard or wall hanger?

This is a question I face after finishing any board in which I have devoted an ample amount of time into. The main argument for making a board into a wall hanger is that the wax will cover up the graphics, thus hindering full appreciation of its beauty. The main argument for waxing a new […]


Skimboard for a cause…

Savary Stock is the biennial celebration organized by the Savary Island Land Trust Society to raise money for the trust’s efforts and educate the masses about island stewardship. Included within the celebration are: local musical performances throughout the day, BBQ’s grilling up delicious treats, beer and wine gardens serving locally crafted beverages, kids activities and […]


The Collaboration Imagination Station…

Under VERY special circumstances I open up my workshop to collaborate with a close friend and build a skimboard; sharing the experience and giving the person an opportunity to be involved in the building process. This doesn’t happen very often because the privileged one is privy to my most closely guarded secrets and I need […]


A first in Savary skimboarding…

On a fine spring day a close personal friend surprised me with a gift. Mike, owner and operator of the Savary Island Resort and Forestry Engineer gave me a stack of rough sawn locally grown Red Cedar. The challenge now was to take this material and create the very first skimboard that was grown and […]


First board of 2011… “The Cherry Bomb”

Here for your viewing pleasure is my newest board off the production line and the first of 2011: “The Cherry Bomb.”  It features a cheery wood top sheet and combination directional shape. Look for it to be tearing up the beaches very shortly.   Nick


First board of 2011 nearing completion…

  Just a little teaser, to let you know that even though the workshop is shut down for the winter season there’s still boards in the works. My winter project is painted and just waiting for a few nice days to lay down some resin…Here’s the signature to prove the graphics are finished. Told you […]