New skimboard, first wax… Very excited.

In my opinion a skimboard is not truly a skimboard until it’s been waxed and ridden. There exists a brief period of time between purchase or completion of a skimboard and the first ride. During this time I feel that a skimboard is nothing more than a piece of bent wood that has the potential […]



The Infamous Bail… While it is a common occurrence in the life of a skimboarder; few take the time to truly appreciate the effort that goes into a legitimate bail. This here is the dark-side of skimboarding rarely featured in the limelight. Bails are the byproduct of the work done to bring ones game to […]


You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours…

As a thank you to Mike and Kim from the Savary Island Resort for hooking me up large with custom milled wood in which to make skimboards, I thought it was necessary to show my gratitude. Driving by their place on a daily basis the one thing I thought they needed was a sign worthy […]


A first in Savary skimboarding…

On a fine spring day a close personal friend surprised me with a gift. Mike, owner and operator of the Savary Island Resort and Forestry Engineer gave me a stack of rough sawn locally grown Red Cedar. The challenge now was to take this material and create the very first skimboard that was grown and […]


First board of 2011… “The Cherry Bomb”

Here for your viewing pleasure is my newest board off the production line and the first of 2011: “The Cherry Bomb.”  It features a cheery wood top sheet and combination directional shape. Look for it to be tearing up the beaches very shortly.   Nick


Dispatch from the road. . .