A skim to remember…

Who: Rogasm and Felcho What: Remembrance Session Where: South Beach When: November 11th and 13th 2011 Why: Had the itch that you just can’t scratch   Day 1: This past Remembrance Day found Rogasm and myself Savary bound on a skim mission. The debut of “Old Style” was top priority on our agenda. Determined to […]


Magic Carpet Ride…

One of the highlights of the past season’s skimboarding was the appearance of a celebrity of sorts at the Skim Pool. It made for a heated session when none other but Alladin (Star of the Disney movies) came to throw down. The proof’s in the pudding: one large pop shove it. Gotta say that magic […]


One armed bandit…

If you find yourself frustrated with you’re skimming, I would hope that you look to this story for motivation. As a traveling carney, “The Bandit” had an accident that ended in catastrophe. At a show in Albuquerque his juggling act was put in the spotlight following the Bearded Lady’s burlesque show. To spice things up […]


Post Stock Session…

After a very successful and entertaining Savary Stock, business had to be taken care of on the beach. I mean what good is building boards without the research and development to back them up? Further motivation to get out and skim in a semi-impaired state came from the presence of a friend to ride with. […]


Bump it up a Notch…

The Felchionary “Definitions for all your skimming needs”   Bump it up a Notch: All to often we find that comfort can take presidence over progression in the shallows. One can find it quite easy to accept their current level of progression and in doing so maintain a level of skimboarding that stays stagnant. Most […]


Riding a wave…

The Felchionary “Definitions for all your skimming needs” Riding a Wave: The pursuit for the ultimate line can push the limits and boundaries of what you thought was skimmable territory. The result of pushing too far can be seen in an earlier post highlighting the best bail shots of 2011. Yet if you manage to […]


Shoot the Duck

The Felchionary “Definitions for all your skimming needs”   Shoot the Duck: Fooled you!!! No, unfortunately we’re not playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo. Although we probably should be, come to think of it… Believe it or not, shooting the duck is actually a skimboarding move that was adapted from the world of professional figure skating. […]


How to end the year off properly…

Throughout my years of skimboarding I have encountered a recurring problem when welcoming new faces into the skim culture. Often times when someone is asked to come out and skim with the crew the return response is: “I’m not really good enough to be out there riding with you guys.” While this may be true […]


Fattest Session of Twenty-Eleven…

As 2011 draws to a close the notion of making resolutions to better ones self are thrust upon us. Personally, I disagree with this practice. What is the point of making phony unachievable goals on an arbitrary day? Therefor I propose an alternative solution to finish out the year; reflection on the highlights that made […]



The Infamous Bail… While it is a common occurrence in the life of a skimboarder; few take the time to truly appreciate the effort that goes into a legitimate bail. This here is the dark-side of skimboarding rarely featured in the limelight. Bails are the byproduct of the work done to bring ones game to […]